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A Small Change to This Blog

June 3rd, 2009

Ahoy, mateys.  I’m just dropping in to inform you of a small change to our strange spot on the web.  While the reviews will remain unchanged — they will continue to be strange rants scribbled upon various debris and scanned in for your viewing and deciphering pleasure — I will now also be adding periodic blog posts, such as this one, commenting on who knows what.  I’ve been neglecting the site a touch, but only because life has been a bit of chaos lately, what with moving and bees and my job in a new office (where I am right now).

At least my new schedule affords me (mostly) the time and availability to partake in BNBLV (that’s “Beer N Blog Las Vegas”, folks) meetings once again!  I very much look forward to those.

Anyhow, I’m exhausted and have just over 2 1/2 more hours here at work, so maybe I’ll be able to drum up enough energy to make a real post on here.  We’ll see.

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Holy Barnacles!

June 1st, 2009

433 Spam Comments in about 1 1/2 hours time.  Amazing.  Anyway, apologies for the lack of new goodies lately.  We’ve been stuck in the undertow known as “moving”.  We’re finally moved in to a nice condo in a beautiful neighborhood in the Lakes; nice but for two things: first is, we’ve an epic bee problem.  It’s so bad that our entire complex knows us as “the bee people” and security (who is trying to resolve the issue) frequents our place to gaze upon our buzzing beasts.  The second is the fun of learning our landlord is a slumlord with whom our complex is having some issues.  Joy.  Guess we can forget about getting any of the repairs and necessary work in our place done, eh?

Anyone reading this know much about Renter’s Rights and the laws and such?

~Captain Mad Ange

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